About 2,400 women marched through the streets of Segovia on mother’s day on a rally organized to demand more gender equality.
This event was organized by “Amigas de Segovia” a female association. It began in the main square and finished at the foot of the aqueduct. It took just over an hour and a half to complete the walk. All women who participated wore the commemorative t-shirt and bandana.  
Women of all ages joined in this forth edition for equal rights. They did not back down when a few rain drops began to fall, continuing their march. In any case, there were fewer women than in previous occasions according to the organization but did receive the support from the municipal police and the Red Cross who escorted them throughout the whole march.
The initiative had a solidarity component as well. All the funds obtained are donated to “Asociación de Enfermos de Alzheimer” (Association of Alzheimer sufferers). All those who participated were compensated with refreshments and a sandwich to recover strengths.  
At the end of the march, all women dressed in their white t-shirts formed into the shape of the peace dove; in the beak instead of an olive branch the symbol of Segovia 2016 was placed. And an attempt was made to pay tribute to the Titirimundi puppet festival, but the long strips of paper that were to be hung from a high crane to as if strings to a puppet was in fact impossible due to the wind.



English             Spanish
March              marcha / caminata
Rally                Evento / reunion    
Main square     Plaza Mayor
Bandana          Pañuelo
Fewer             menos (de cantidad)
Strengths        Fuerzas (energia)
Shape             forma
Peace dove      Paloma de la Paz
Puppet             Marioneta